Yep, we’ve got Johnny Yong Bosch on the show. We talk Power Rangers, Trigun, Eureka 7 and of course Bleach and Space Dandy.

Before that, we recap the 2nd to last premiere episodes of Attack on Titan and Bleach and the sixth episode of Hellsing Ultimate in record time. During Attack on Titan Eren has trouble performing while everyone else tries to deal with Annie tranforming into a titan. Then on Bleach, Ginjo tries to drop a psychological bomb on Ichigo but Ichigo doesn’t care about the sudden reveal. Finally Seras and the Wild Geese protect the home base on Hellsing Ultimate.

We also have a boat load of news that we will likely discuss in greater length in our next episode and a sizable amount of listener mail.

00:00 – Intro
02:19 – Attack on Titan Recap
12:33 – Bleach Recap
20:00 – Toonami News
43:08 – Hellsing Ultimate Recap
53:00 – Interview with Johnny Yong Bosch
1:19:10 – Listerner Mail / Sign-Off

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