This is the Toonami Faithful Podcast. Here’s the group that brings it to ya’…

Want to join our staff? E-mail us at with your credentials, what kind of microphone you have, and why you want to be on the podcast.


Andrew “Sketch” Hingson – Host and Producer Of The Toonami Faithful Podcast

Sketch has been a well-known entity in the Toonami community having participated early on with the Toon Zone boards. He hosted his own podcast called Absolution Sessions before being invited to be a guest on the Toonami Faithful Podcast. His laid-back nature and intelligent commentary made him an indispensable part of the show. He also writes for, in addition to our site. One hundred episodes later, Jose stepped down from hosting and gave the keys to Sketch, to continue providing great content for the Toonami community.


Paul A Pescrillo II – The Founder of, Host.

Paul is the founder of and Toonami news, always bringing the best news Toonami has to bring. Geek-E inc, is recent project to see if the staff here has what it takes to be a company of there very own.
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Will Van HooseWebmaster and Designer.

Will is the Webmaster of Known as Toonami Faithful’s Hoodie Ninja
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Darrel MaddoxThe Comedic relief of the show.

Darrel is the most comedic relief of the show, he a lovable character and is mostly on the show.
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Zach Logan – Co-Host, Editor & Founder of  The One Piece Podcast

Zach is a moderator and administrator at Toon Zone Forums since 2006, webmaster and founder of Adult Swim Headquarters since its previous incarnations in 2002, and a web designer and creator since 1999. He has a vast amount of experience dealing in the anime community and continues to immerse himself in that community on a daily basis. He currently is the host and editor of The One Piece Podcast. Zach spends a good amount of his time recording the podcasts, editing them, and readying them for distribution and then actually publishing them and releasing them.
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Steve Yurko – Host, Artist, Convention Relations

A senior member of Arlong Park Forums, Steve has a breadth of knowledge about the One Piece world and is an integral part of the One Piece Podcast. Before joining the podcast he was the center of the DubPiece parody videos. He currently serves as the Master of Ceremonies for our convention events and organizer of scripted bits on the podcast. Steve currently draws his “Strips by Steve” as an ancillary section to the podcast website and has lent his artistic skills to the podcast on many occasions. Steve is also a co-host of The Fullmetal Podcast
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Jim NelsonAnnouncer for the Toonami Faithful Podcast & all around voice monkey.

Jim Nelson is our Announcer for our podcast & all around voice monkey for all our promo’s and clips that we do on our site, he even does the voice overs in our Geek-e Videos
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Former Staff

Jose Argumedo – Host, Editor & Technical Director of the podcast.

Jose is the editor and host of the podcast. He has been editing audio and video since High School. He graduated from film school and now worked professionally as a freelance video editor. He has done work for ESPN, Atlantis, the Intrepid Museum, and many other projects. He was inspired by the “Dreams” promo when he was little, which he believes helped guide him to the profession he currently enjoys. He is technically proficient in all the main Non-Linear Editors used in the industry and has a basic knowledge of After Effects and Pro-Tools. He left the podcast after 100 episodes to pursue a career elsewhere.
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