Jason DeMarco chats with Sketch and Paul about the recent changes to Toonami. He details why they came about and why the Toonami crew feel a sleeker block is actually for the better and why having less hours will not hurt Toonami’s plans or budget.

The conversation covers a range of topics including but not limited to the process of running Toonami and the various elements that go into it, why they cannot feasibly play every show’s full opening, what merchandising potential there is for Toonami, how music is selected for Toonami, whether or not old favorites could make it onto the block and why Toonami promos going forward wont always use a narrator in the traditional Toonami fashion.

Oh… and there’s some teases for what to expect from Intruder II and roughly when to expect it.

As always, thank you for listening. We hope you enjoy this exclusive interview.

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Your hosts in this exclusive are Sketch (Editor-In-Chief of ToonamiFaithful.com) and Paul Pescrillo (Founder of ToonamiFaithful.com)

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