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Toonami Faithful Exclusive #17 – Jason DeMarco’s State of Toonami Address 2015

Jason DeMarco chats with Sketch and Paul about the recent changes to Toonami. He details why they came about and why the Toonami crew feel a sleeker block is actually for the better and why having less hours will not hurt Toonami’s plans or budget.

The conversation covers a range of topics including but not limited to the process of running Toonami and the various elements that go into it, why they cannot feasibly play every show’s full opening, what merchandising potential there is for Toonami, how music is selected for Toonami, whether or not old favorites could make it onto the block and why Toonami promos going forward wont always use a narrator in the traditional Toonami fashion.

Oh… and there’s some teases for what to expect from Intruder II and roughly when to expect it.

As always, thank you for listening. We hope you enjoy this exclusive interview.

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions of the participants of this podcast are not the views of ToonamiFaithful.Com or it’s affiliates, nor are they the views of Toonami, [adult swim], Williams Street, Turner or any other Time Warner property.

Your hosts in this exclusive are Sketch (Editor-In-Chief of and Paul Pescrillo (Founder of

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  • PokeNirvash

    Excellent podcast, just excellent. It was very nice and reassuring to hear Demarco give his side of the whole downsizing fiasco, not to mention his take on the expansion back in 2012 and how that came about. Can’t wait for the new shows in 2015 and Intruder II!

  • pattywagon

    Great podcast! It’s a shame DeMarco can only talk so much due to his contract, but it’s great to hear his thoughts.

    Also I think movies are good, but maybe it would be best to keep it for Holiday weekends like July 4th, aka a Saturday, and next Christmas and New Years, both on a Friday. Those three weekends will be different for most people due to the holidays, and usually TV is different those weekends.

  • Kisuke

    what about 11:30? DBZKai did great at that time. Will Adult Swim consider letting Toonami start at 11:30 again?

    • pattywagon

      If Toonami regains it’s strength, then I’m hopeful they might expand an hour to the 11 pm block. The 11 pm block would be great for newer shows.

      • Kisuke

        but what if family guy does great @ 1130?

        • pattywagon

          Last week Family Guy was slightly weaker overall then DBZ Kai. The time slots are different, so we’ll see. My guess Family Guy won’t do terrible, but I feel like the good ratings of DBZ and hopefully Kill La Kill shows how one night of anime has been strong, and can be stronger with a slightly better time.

          • Kisuke

            slightly better time? DBZKai did awesome. oh maybe you mean KLK will be a great leadin for DBZKai?

          • pattywagon

            DBZ kai was at 11:30, and now it’s at midnight. That is what I meant because I don’t know how ratings will be at the new timeslot. It could slightly decrease since it’s later.

          • Kisuke

            unfortunately yes. i just wish theyd change their minds & give 1130 a couple more weeks

    • Fuzunga

      I wish they didn’t cut 11:30. That’s really the thing that concerned me most, because I figured not a lot of people (myself included) watched the later half of the block. But 11:30 was the big premier slot all of last year and the earlier the better for ratings, I say. Kinda wish it was 11:30-3 actually.

      • Kisuke

        me too

  • Phillip

    Thank god, no more movies on Toonami. Additionally I will not take time to re-watch an anime on T.V. so I am happy they got that point too.

  • Victor Dasilva

    Illuminati confirmed!