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Toonami Show Rundown 110 – Such Plans – 11/5/16

Fun fact: it’s been eight weeks since we’ve posted something on here. Funner fact: HR has yet to tell is if our hand written apology has been accepted by Paul. Sketch joins us to review Children Who Chase Lost Voices, mourn the death of the Adult Swim message boards, continue to reference Tremors with Intruder 3, and speculate about the ... Read More »

Toonami Show Rundown 101 – JoJo Announced – 7/23/16

Grexeno joins us this week to discuss the announcement of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, a really long joke about the Sunday comics, Syon’s gross celebratory can of years-old Baja Blast, skipping filler, the origins of Kakashi’s reading material, and whether or not we’ll be the roundabout. Music: Black Hole Megamix Read More »