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Exclusive 45 – John Gremillion Interview

CJ and Sketch interview voice actor John Gremillion. He voices Gentle Criminal on My Hero Academia and Roland Chapelle on Food Wars. https://soundcloud.com/toonamifaithfulpodcast/exclusive-45-john-gremillion-interview

Episode 328 – Collective Paranoia

Sketch is joined by Kuro, Celia Rose and Alien to discuss Paranoia Agent. Music Credits:"Yume no Shima Shinen Kouen" as performed by Susumu Hirasawa"Papercut" as performed by Linkin Park"Shiroi Oka...

Episode 388 – Of Pirates and Sailors

Sketch, Paul, VLord and LaserKid talk about Shenmue the Animation, One Piece and some other interesting tidbits we got from Jason DeMarco regarding Toonami's current status. Then it's time...

Episode 366 – The Head Samurai and Cosmo Samurai

Sketch is joined by Darrell, Colt and Junior to discuss upcoming Toonami schedule shenanigans, DC's Harley Quinn animated series and the non-canonical Toonami mini-series: Cosmo Samurai.

Episode 308 – The Forge Recap Ep 4 Recap and… It’s All About Maki

Sketch, Kuro and CJ talk about some recent Toonami news and Fire Force, but mostly Maki, and Paul and Duelist join Sketch to recap the 4th episode of The...