Episode 323 – Con Air

Sketch, Paul, Duelist and Caboose discuss Adult Swim Con's on-air Toonami event. They are also relieved to know that JoJo will be returning to the block this Saturday.

Episode 322 – An Idiot Sandwich with Lamb Sauce

Sketch, Paul, Darrell and CJ talk at length about Food Wars. Expect some opinions and food related tangents. Music Credits: ROUGH DIAMONDS (English Version) as performed by SCREEN mode

Episode 321 – The Show With Too Many Names

CJ, Paul and Caboose Jr. rundown Season 2 of Black Clover, talking about what they liked the most about this season and screwing up the many names of characters...

Episode 320 – Take a Shot Every Time She Says “Fun”

Sketch and VLord are joined by Duelist and Kuro to discuss Lupin the 3rd: Part 5 and they manage not to tangent much until the end of the podcast.

Exclusive 47 – Kira Buckland Inteview

CJ had the chance to sit down and talk all things JoJo with the voice of Reimi, Kira Buckland. Both go in-depth about the franchise and the fanfare that...