Episode 317 – The News Segment That Went Long Enough to Be It’s Own...

Sketch and CJ Maffris recorded a news segment discussing Toonami's upcoming schedule oddities, it ran on too long, like this sentence. https://soundcloud.com/toonamifaithfulpodcast/episode-317-the-news-segment-that-went-long-enough-to-be-its-own-podcast

Exclusive 43 – A Casual Conversation With George Banks

Paul, Sketch and Caboose Jr chill with Toonami's newest editor George Banks. https://soundcloud.com/toonamifaithfulpodcast/exclusive-43-a-casual-conversation-with-george-banks

Episode 316 – Logging Out of the Underworld

Alex Von David, ADR Director of Sword Art Online, joins Sketch and Paul Pescrillo as they rundown what happened in Sword Art Online: Aliciazation - War of Underworld and...

Exclusive 42 – Kellen Goff Interview

CJ and Sketch talk with Kellen Goff about his time in My Hero Academia as the voice of Overhaul. The gang also chat about Kellen’s roles in Fire Force...

Gundam Wing Group Watch – Week 04 – This Rematch Keeps Getting Interrupted

Sketch is joined by Paul Pescrillo for the fouth week of Toonami Faithful's Gundam Wing Group Watch. They discuss episodes 12-16. Music Credits:"Just Communication" - Two-Mix"Mission Accomplished" - Kou Otani