Sketch, Paul, Colt and Caboose discuss the final episode of Samurai Jack and our thoughts on the season as a whole. Then the second shift begins as Sketch, Darrell, and CJ recap Attack on Titan and discuss the rest of the line-up for Toonami’s May 20th 2017 broadcast and some recent Toonami news including the pending arrival of Lupin the 3rd.

04:58 – Samurai Jack Recap
45:06 – More Momocon speculation and a bit of Toonami related news
54:00 – Darrell shares his thoughts on Samurai Jack
58:45 – Recap on Titan
1:20:09 – This Week on Toonami
1:37:40 – Toonami News
1:54:32 – Listener Mail / Sign-Off

Music Credits:

Lupin the 3rd OST
“Shinzo o Sasage yo!” as performed by Linked Horizon

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