Sketch, Paul, Darrell and Colt discuss the second segment of Intruder 3, episode 21 of Gundam: Iron-Blooded Oprhans and the rest of the Toonami broadcast for November 12th. After that we ponder what’s going on with Dragon Ball and Toonami as more details about Dragon Ball Super’s release are revealed and we hash out the possibilities. Paul is very adament about Toonami playing both Dragon Ball Super and the Buu Saga of DBZ Kai.

02:31 – Intruder 3 Recap
19:20 – Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Recap
33:21 – This Week on Toonami
46:35 – No Marathon on Thanksgiving?
48:39 – What’s Going on with Toonami and Dragon Ball?

Music Credits:
“Intruder Promo” by Joe Boyd Vigil
“Raise Your Flag” as performed by Man with a Mission

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