Toonami editor Sara Hardy joins us for an exclusive interview but before that we discuss the recent acquisition of Parasyte – the maxim from Sentai Filmworks and have a brief discussion on piracy and Dragon Ball Super.

In light of Sentai and Aniplex bringing their big guns to block, our topical discussion is whether or not Toonami should regain some time slots with all the potential premieres they could have.

It’s was an unusual holiday schedule for the block without the regular premieres so there are no recaps. The regular schedule will resume this week.

Pay no attention to the distant background music or Paul dying.

Your hosts this week are Sketch, Paul, Darrell, Jim and Jenn

00:00 – Intro
04:42 – A Short Discussion on Piracy and Dragon Ball Super
12:54 – Toonami News
34:20 – This Week on Toonami
35:09 – Topic: With All the Dub Premieres Coming from Sentai and Aniplex, Should Toonami Consider Expansion?
50:03 – Exclusive Interivew with Toonami Editor Sara Hardy
1:12:25 – Sign-Off

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