Ranlsa joins us to discuss the latest Hellsing Ultimate, some other stuff that aired on Toonami this week, the latest Toonami related news and a bit about how pissed off were are at Dish Network for yanking Turner channels.

We start a new segment this week that’s a bit of a catch-all for whatever else aired on Toonami from week to week without doing our usual indepth recap segments.

We didn’t ask for Dragon Ball Z Kai talkbacks but we sure as HFIL got ’em so just this once we’ll read ’em. There also a lot of tangents in this one and Sketch had maybe a little too much fun interjecting audio clips into the show.

00:00 – Intro
06:44 – Hellsing Ultimate Recap
25:20 – This Week on Toonami
56:05 – Toonami News
1:21:39 – Sign-Off

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Your hosts this week are Sketch (Editor-In-Chief of ToonamiFaithful.com), Paul Pescrillo (Founder of ToonamiFaithful.com), Jim Nelson (Announcer of the podcast) and Darrell Maddox (Self-Proclaimed Head of the HR for ToonamiFaithful.com)

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