In our first post-Space Dandy episode, Caboose and Adam join Paul and Sketch to discuss Attack on Titan, Bleach and Hellsing Ultimate.

This week on Attack on Titan the female titan slaughters some named characters and we question if she can get indegestion. Meanwhile, Alucard goes to Brazil for some payback on Millenium and faces off a Dandy man but not the one we’re usually talking about.

In the news segment we discuss some vaguely Toonami related points of interests and further deviate into brief recaps of other episodes that aired on Toonami this past week.

Finally, we discuss the possible shows to air at 11:30 and in turn lead-off the block when Attack on Titan concludes early in November.

00:00 – Intro
05:00 – Attack on Titan Recap
20:54 – Bleach Finale Primer
27:27 – Toonami News
39:08 – Hellsing Ultimate Recap
47:42 – Possibilities for 11:30
1:21:51 – Sign-Off

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