We’re joined by Chugg and Syon from the Toonami Show Rundown podcast to discuss the latest episodes of Space Dandy and Attack on Titan, some news and Hellsing Ultimate. This week on Space Dandy, Dandy is roped into being Scarlet’s fake boyfriend on planet Trendy where they are stalked by Gundam. Meanwhile on Attack on Titan, the scouts get their horses kicked by a female titan who may have an infactuation with Armin. Later in the show we try to talk about Hellsing Ultimate but the topic diverges to discussing how to fill time when a show runs long, the break-down of ad-space on US television, the quality of promotion on Adult Swim and rambling a bit about voice casts for various shows and background music for Dragon Ball series.

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00:00 – Intro
03:48 – Space Dandy Recap
24:03 – Toonami News
40:38 – Attack on Titan Recap
53:31 – The Hellsing Ultimate Discussion… where we can’t stay on topic to save our lives
1:17:25 – Listener Mail and Sign-Off

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