Toonami Faithful Podcast #110 – In Memory of The Dropkix

We’re joined once again by Fabian, this time to discuss the rise and fall of the galaxies greatest one hit wonders, The Dropkix. In this week’s recaps: Johnny Yong Bosch prevents a war by showing up to his debut gig with Space Dandy and Eren gets to know the other soldiers in the scout regiment and pulls an all nighter with Hange on Attack on Titan. The news turns into a topic then back into the news and then back into a topic again by opening the floodgates of manuel manipulating discussion once again. In other words, we completely failed at keeping this episode short. Maybe next time.

00:00 – Intro
04:19 – Space Dandy Recap
28:12 – Toonami News / Manipulating the Manuel Discussion The 3rd
1:22:54 – Attack on Titan Recap
1:37:30 – Sign-Off

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