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Toonami Showdown 5/19/18 – Thundercats Whoa

We discuss why you're overreacting to Thundercats, flyover states, whether the Beach Boys are alive, Carl, Piccolo's Godtube channel, hair in coffee, whether Baukgo is a nerd, de-platforming, Michael...

Toonami Showdown TOMmy Awards 2017

It's that time of year again! The TOMmy Awards for 2017 are here and ready for heated arguments. A Twitter thread announcing the winners is here: https://twitter.com/toonamishowdown/status/975175861195468801 https://soundcloud.com/toonamishowdown/the-tommy-awards-2017-part-one https://soundcloud.com/toonamishowdown/the-tommy-awards-2017-part-two https://soundcloud.com/toonamishowdown/tommys-17-pt-3

Toonami Showdown 11/18/17 – Sometimes Burritos Fall Apart

This week, we talk about the Black Clover announcement and wrap up our Countdown coverage as Tim and Syon try not to steer this podcast off the road and...

Toonami Showdown 12/2/17 – Black Clover Premiere

In a world where podcasts are everything, we discuss the Black Clover premiere, Sketch's triumphant return, hoeing, nunsploitation, strategy guides, and trickle-down economics. https://soundcloud.com/toonamishowdown/showdown037

10/21 & 10/28/17 – Bonus Episode: Gantz and Garfield

One of these podcasts is a terrible idea we had to watch some episodes of Gantz and Garfield: The Movie because they were semi-formative to our awful childhoods. The other...