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Toonami Showdown 5/19/18 – Thundercats Whoa

We discuss why you're overreacting to Thundercats, flyover states, whether the Beach Boys are alive, Carl, Piccolo's Godtube channel, hair in coffee, whether Baukgo is a nerd, de-platforming, Michael...

Toonami Showdown 5/12/18 – The Obnoxious 90s

We discuss how to name decades, the history of U.S. radio, kinetic energy, paying someone for bodily harm, syndication, and vanity. https://soundcloud.com/toonamishowdown/51218-the-obnoxious-90s

Toonami Showdown TOMmy Awards 2017

It's that time of year again! The TOMmy Awards for 2017 are here and ready for heated arguments. A Twitter thread announcing the winners is here: https://twitter.com/toonamishowdown/status/975175861195468801 https://soundcloud.com/toonamishowdown/the-tommy-awards-2017-part-one https://soundcloud.com/toonamishowdown/the-tommy-awards-2017-part-two https://soundcloud.com/toonamishowdown/tommys-17-pt-3

Toonami Showdown 1/20/18 – Lupin the Third Part IV Review

There aren't many of us, but we have all have thoughts and feelings about the end of Lupin the Third Part IV! https://soundcloud.com/toonamishowdown/12018-lupin-the-third-part-iv-review

Toonami Showdown 1/6 & 1/13/18 – Performance Evaluations

We get our yearly evaluations, make the worst transition ever, and talk about The Pacifier, donating to Wikipedia, sports team names, drug dealing iguanas, and Teen Titans Go. https://soundcloud.com/toonamishowdown/showdown040