Episode 390 – What IS It and why is It Still Not Enough?

Sketch, Paul, Kuro and LaserKid discuss the first episode of Shenmue the Animation and the return of Attack on Titan. Music credits for this episode: "UNDEAD-NOID" as performed by Kashitarō Itō

Episode 389 – Just a Regular Podcast

Sketch, Paul, Darrell and Junior shoot the breeze and discuss some of the other things that came up in Jason DeMarco's latest Twitter Q&A.  https://soundcloud.com/toonamifaithfulpodcast/episode-389-just-a-regular-podcast?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing

Episode 388 – Of Pirates and Sailors

Sketch, Paul, VLord and LaserKid talk about Shenmue the Animation, One Piece and some other interesting tidbits we got from Jason DeMarco regarding Toonami's current status. Then it's time...

Episode 387 – Arcane’s Impact and What Toonami Can Learn From It

CJ is joined by Celia, Kuro and Sketch to touch on some astonishing Toonami news before diving into a discussion on the success and cultural impact of Netflix's League...

Episode 386 – Assassination Vacation or… Piercing the Hells

Sketch, VLord and Laser discuss Toonami's next programming addition, episode 9 of Blade Runner: Black Lotus and finally cover the vacation arc of Assassination Classroom along with the start...