Toonami Showdown 1/6 & 1/13/18 – Performance Evaluations

We get our yearly evaluations, make the worst transition ever, and talk about The Pacifier, donating to Wikipedia, sports team names, drug dealing iguanas, and Teen Titans Go.

Toonami Showdown 12/9 & 12/16/17 – DOES NARUTO BATHE? & Meat Shields

We discuss editing woes, experiencing snow, letting go of anger, space heaters, the Pilaf gang, beards, which characters smell, eye blood, and wrestling (sort of). We discuss Syon's Japan pilgrimage,...

Toonami Showdown 12/2/17 – Black Clover Premiere

In a world where podcasts are everything, we discuss the Black Clover premiere, Sketch's triumphant return, hoeing, nunsploitation, strategy guides, and trickle-down economics.

Toonami Showdown 11/18/17 – Sometimes Burritos Fall Apart

This week, we talk about the Black Clover announcement and wrap up our Countdown coverage as Tim and Syon try not to steer this podcast off the road and...

Toonami Showdown 11/11/17 – Leonardo da Vinci’s Greatest Hits

We discuss cartoon power levels, Spanish, nuclear armageddon, super saiyan hair styles, talking about James Bond, hating fun, how Leonardo da Vinci hasn't put out good material in years,...