We have been notified that some podcast subscribers using the Podcast app on Apple devices are not able to download the latest episode of the podcast. We apologize for the inconvenience. We have determined that the feed was switched over as planned but the Podcast app is not recognizing this for some reason. Here are some instructions that should resolve the issue if you are currently unable to download the episode that was posted on April 3rd using the Podcast app.

Even though the feed should have updated without the need to subscribe again, the Podcast app on Apple is not automatically making that transition so you will have to manually resubscribe. For some reason you cannot simply go to your settings panel [as seen below] and toggle the subscription button. That does not update the feed for whatever reason.

photo 1

You have to search for Toonami Faithful Podcast in the iTunes Podcast directory and subscribe there.

photo 3photo 2

This will result in adding a separate feed of the podcast in your “My Podcast” list and you can simply delete the old one as it will serve no purpose once the other episodes are removed from Podomatic.

photo 4

We had hoped this transition would be smoother and we’re very sorry it has not been. We appreciate your patience and we hope this solution allows you to listen to the podcast using iTunes like always. Let us know if you are still unable to download the latest episode on iTunes after trying this by emailing me at sketch@toonamifaithful.com