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Where Are Those Podcasts?

We wanted to touch base with you the listeners and let you know episode 151 will be posted soon. That one definitely has the record for our latest of late episodes so thank you for your patience. We hope many of you tuned in for the live recording last Friday or streamed it on since then but that’s not the entire episode. We also recorded show recaps, a couple of emails and the usual ratings and trending discussion to supplement the hour recorded on Friday. The downloadable episode 151 will include all of that and it has taken a bit more time to put together than anticipated.

We also have some interviews coming soon. We did not meet our previous deadline for posting the interview we did with Alex Von David (ADR director and script writer for KILL la KILL, Sword Art Online and Blue Exorcist) but that interview and another interview will be posted in the near future. The interview with Alex Von David will most likely be posted Wednesday or Thursday.

Episode 152 is already recorded as well but due to the previous items mentioned it will most likely not be posted until Thursday or Friday. Next week we should be back on track for a regular weekly episode. We truly appreciate your patience and hope that you enjoy the upcoming podcasts.