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Toonami Faithful Podcast Extra – Toonami Retrospective for 2014 (and some of 2015)

Sketch is joined by Arthur, Caboose and Colt for our final trip down memory lane covering all of 2014 and the first few months of 2015.

2014 was a big year for Toonami with a half hour expansion into the 11PM hour, world premiere episodes of Space Dandy, some very bold programming choices in Black Lagoon and Hellsing Ultimate, the return of Dragon Ball Z, the return of super heros with Beware the Batman, the long overdue arrivals of Naruto Shippuden, InuYasha: The Final Act and Gurren Lagann and the collosal reign of Attack on Titan among other things. There were a lot of bumps in the road as well, the sudden removal of shows being an on going frustration.

If you came hoping for some meaty Colt rants, you shall not be disappointed.

Thanks for checking out our Toonami Retrospectives. We hope you enjoyed hearing them at least as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you.

  • starss

    You guys need to do something about the auto-playing ads. They start at the same time I press play on the podcast, and it’s annoying, confusing, and an assault on my ears!