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Toonami Faithful Podcast #90 – Back To The Future

Space Dandy Season Finale Recap as well as a roadmap to where the future is for our show! Oh yeah, and Jose struggles to get comfortable in his hosting chair. Good times ahead!

00:00: Start
02:00: Space Dandy Recap Season Finale
20:47: Toonami News
31:50: Future Segments
51:15: Later

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions of the participants of this podcast are not the views of ToonamiFaithful.Com or it’s affiliates, nor are they the views of Toonami, [adult swim], Williams Street, Turner or any other Time Warner property.

Your hosts this week are Jose Argumedo (Editor and Technical Director of the podcast), Sketch (Editor-In-Chief of, Darrell Maddox (Yeah, he’s back. I don’t know why either), and Jim Nelson (Announcer on the podcast)
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