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Toonami Faithful Podcast #70 – Jose Didn’t Pick The Topic – Featuring Arthur Mesa

No, really. Oh and we talk about a certain ninja returning home. Again. For the 3rd time.

Your hosts this week are Jose Argumedo (Editor and Technical Director of the podcast), Sketch (Editor-In-Chief of, Jim Nelson (Announcer on the podcast) and Darrell Maddox (Yeah, he’s back. I don’t know why either).
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  • James Puso

    Truthfully I don’t get why people always say One Piece is better than Naruto…I mean it’s not that I’m that huge a Naruto fanboy (probably isn’t even a top 30 favorite series to me) but what I’ve seen of One Piece so far (which admittedly is only as far as Toonami is) isn’t exactly great either.

    • Muddy

      The night blue exorcist airs, Feb 22 is when One Piece gets incredible, those following 5 episodes will have your jaw dropping.

      • James Puso

        Okay then I guess I’ll see about that then. I think the last 6-7 episodes have been pretty good but this is the first stretch of episodes I thought was good since the Alabasta Arc, unless Nolan’s true story in Skypiea counts, but that was only a couple episodes as I recall (and the whole rest of Skypiea was a great big block of meh in my opinion).

  • Abraham Francisco

    The black dude is fuckin annoying. Np one wants to hear about your dick fool. He adds nothing to conversation too.

  • Muddy

    One Piece is very good, give it time…