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Toonami Faithful Podcast #4 – We Are (Not) Livestreaming – Featuring Kyle Hebert

Yes, the title is an Evangelion reference. On tonight’s episode, make sure that you watch Toonami on TV and not a livestream. Our panel of experts will tell you why. Also, lots of $!!! went down during Ghost In The Shell. We speculate what happened. Zero joins us for the first time on the podcast and tell’s us what’s up with the website. Followed by other stuff, but who cares when Kyle Hebert drops by (bet you didn’t see that coming)!

Your hosts this week are Paul Pescrillo (Creator of and Jose Argumedo (Editor and Technical Director of the podcast).

  • theSMF

    Loved this one. How the hell did you get Kyle Hebert anyway? I wanna know! lol

  • admin

    Thank @Zerogamer for that one!

  • Rt Lockwood

    THAT WAS GLORIOUS! Wonderful job you guys did!

    Now just to say Jose…we understand you don’t hate Casshern Sins…but don’t get so defensive it makes it look like your are hating on it!

    This weeks topic was amazing! Everything that was said was absolutely phenomenal. After coming from a couple of years of game development and hearing every day about the legality of things, mixed with my moral code, I agree 100% even 110% if it was possible! People shouldn’t be using the “I’m a fan.” defense for anything, ever at all, EVER. (Just as a note this is a touchy subject for me and will most likely go into a rant) On part one why would you even stream it, one if your in America you most likely have it and if not go find a provider to hook you up. If your not in America then fight for your Toonmai! Canada, UK, and Australia listen up, they said it in the podcast… you need to win your own battlegrounds and not steal our effort, our work, our Toonami! You have the power to change your land’s opinion: organize, mobilize, and commit to the cause. We won our battleground; win yours. NEXT UP, all you fan subers. You may do good work, you may get joy saying, “I provided this to the people!” Bluntly…your wrong; you committed a crime and that train of thought TANKS companies to the point of no return. The internet is not a toy in any regards, don’t be an A****** and steal other people’s work. This is what you doing in the simplest of terms: Here is the manga, author and their team worked a total of 15000+ hours on it, it sells well and after all the middle men get paid the author and his team get their pay. Now an animation studio wants to turn the authors manga into an anime, the author+the manga team+ the anime team work a sum of 18000+ hours on it. Again the pay goes out BUT WAIT, some A******* sold/pirated some 150000+ copies of the anime OH WAIT it’s not like that isn’t like 7500000 dollars worth of profit that they just lost. BOTTOM LINE DON”T BE AN A****** BUY THE LEGITIMATE COPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Again I apologize for that rant but it needed to be said.

    Lastly…NO way I was just deciding to buy Panty & Stocking! What a strange quiescence.
    Oh and Kyle Hebert, Jose, Paul, and Zero great job!