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Toonami Faithful Podcast #202 – Gundam Homecoming …or All the F*#!$ We Have to Give (explicit)


In this uncensored episode Jim, Paul and CJ discuss Gundam’s long awaited return to Toonami with the premiere episode of Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans. Later they discuss what Viz has been up to lately and Caboose shows up at some point.

Music Credits:
“Raise Your Flag” as performed by Man with a Mission

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  • starss

    On June 10th, at 6:30 PM EST in the latest Pre-Flight episode, DeMarco fully explained that this show “doesn’t explain anything to you at all in the first episode, and just puts you smack in the middle of the story, with elements further explained later in the show”, like a lot of anime does. So I am surprised so many of you Toonami fanatics act like you haven’t been listening to a Pre-Flight that is now rerunning every 3.5 hours.

    …….. and then I remembered you guys must’ve recorded this way before that Pre-Flight was already up!

    Still though, i don’t think the Japanese, or their audience anyway, get annoyed when nothing is explained to them, because they understand that one episode is just a small part of the grand storyline and they know to be patient. I think there’s this stigma in America to have everything explained to you now now now.

  • Redinferno124

    The Gundam was being used as a power source by CGS to power the base prior to being brought into service by Mika.