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Toonami Faithful Podcast #157 – The One Where Kirito Loses

We start off by discussing Toonami’s recent live show at San Diego Comic Con and lamenting the loss of Jenn’s microphone before continuing to our regular show recaps and Duelist comes along for the ride!

On KILL la KILL this week we decide who wore it better and on Sword Art Online this week we get to see Kirito lose a fight for once while Sinon finds redemption. Then we review the entire Phantom Bullet arc sighting what we felt it accomplished and where it missed the mark.

Finishing Sword Art Online’s Phantom Bullet arc leads to a handful of sub discussions. Paul hops on his soap box to offer suggestions for how viewers can productively respond to programming that offends them. Then we discuss why nobody has to respond to anything on twitter, including us. Then we implore our listeners not to attack each other over their opinions of cartoons and probably something else we’re forgetting about.

You can blame Duelist for the KILL la KILL music choice but every other audio quirk in this podcast is entirely Sketch’s fault.

Your hosts this week are Sketch, Paul and Darrell with special guest Duelist.

00:00 – Intro
03:35 – Toonami Pre-Flight Live at SDCC
23:38 – KILL la KILL Recap
36:33 – Sword Art Online II Recap
56:00 – Sword Art Online II: Phantom Bullet Arc Wrap-Up
1:13:51 – Several Sub Discussions [read the description below] 1:33:46 – This Week on Toonami
1:42:34 – Toonami News
1:49:50 – Sign-Off

Music Credits:

“Incomplete” by Backstreet Boys
“Hard Like Heroic” by Nyhm of Alleria

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