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Toonami Faithful Podcast #150 – Better Call Paul: The Momocon Pre-Gameshow Guest-A-Palooza Live!

00:00 – Intro, Ratings, Trending and Momocon Announcements
06:17 – Our Momocon Expectations
18:43 – Special Guest-A-Palooza Begins
57:45 – Sign-Off

Another milestone, another live show. This time we are graced once again by the presence of Michelle Ruff and a pimp named Ben Diskin. Some other familiar voices stop by as well as some first time callers.

We also share our predictions for Toonami’s Momocon announcements and ask the callers what they expect as well.

There’s no recaps this week because the premieres of KILL la KILL, Sword Art Online II and InuYasha: The Final Act were pre-empted for the Memorial Day weekend KILL la KILL rerun marathon.

Your hosts this episode include Sketch, Paul, Darrell, Jim and Jenn.

Thank you for getting us all the way to 150 episodes, we couldn’t possibly have done this without you our faithful listeners.

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