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Toonami Faithful Podcast #133 – Blame it on the Weather

We thought Toonami was just losing an hour, now we know it will be losing 3 hours. Needless to say, we are not pleased at this development. Paul and Sketch give their thoughts on this very recent development at the top of the show. This does make the following discussion about losing just the 5AM hour largely outdated but we kept it for retrospect.

Jenn and Duelist return this week and if you were looking forward to hearing Jim take the reigns again you’re in luck. Due to technical difficulties, Sketch has to bow out in the middle of the show. However, to make up for not being available for the retrospective rundown of 2002 and 2003, Sketch recorded a separate discussion with Duelist and their mutual pal Soul. Given all three of them love the majority of 2003, expect a long conversation for that one.

By request we breeze over the recent Q&A which also has several answers that are already outdated and yes there is an InuYasha: The Final Act recap though we excuse Duelist from that because he’s behind a few episodes.

There is also some lengthy listener mail including an audio mail which PhantomStar162 likes to refer to as a Toonami Transmission.

It’s another nearly 3 hour show all together. Happy listening.

00:00 – Sketch and Paul Present Breaking News
21:19 – Intro and Report on Recent Changes [Note the breaking news supercedes this discussion] 36:55 – Toonami Tumblr Q&A Recap
42:03 – InuYasha: The Final Act Recap
51:53 – Toonami Talkbacks
1:03:33 – Toonami News: Ratings, Music Video Discussion and Trending
1:17:34 – Toonami Retrospective 2002 and 2003
1:45:24 – Sketch, Duelist and Soul Remember 2002 and 2003
2:42:05 – Listener Mail
2:51:36 – Sign-Off

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Kadesh Flow – Watch Toonami

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  • starss

    Guys, you are too nice! ๐Ÿ˜€ I would be screaming my head off if I was on the first 21 minutes of this episode.

  • pattywagon

    First of all I’ve just discovered your podcast, and I love it!

    Second, I’ve gotten back into anime/toonami last summer, so I’m bummed what happen; however, I’ve been doing my best to spread the show with hashtag campaigns, and I’ve kept my TV on after I went to bed since I watch the later shows on demand the next day. I try to stay up until 1:30 CST, but getting up 5:30 throughout the workweek makes it really hard to stay up late. Also I’m starting to program my cable box to switch off Adult Swim when Toonami ends because I’m not supporting shows I won’t watch. I agree how Adult Swim is knee-jerking after their rough month in all regards, and thinking they can ride the Family Guy gravy train in this day and age, then I doubt it. Finally, I really hope Toonami could grow from 11 pm EST, or 10 pm EST to 3 am. I think a solid late night Saturday block will work, or in fact has worked.

    • Sketch

      Glad you found us. This is quite the first podcast for you to jump in on, what with it being 3 hours. I promise they wont all be that long.

      It is tough to make it through all of Toonami when it’s 6.5 hours long and ends at 6AM, so hopefully this smaller block will be more convenient to watch.

      • pattywagon

        I’ll admit I feel like the new block is really solid, but I’m still not happy seeing it get chopped in half including the 11:30 slot. I agree with the points you guys made on your podcast, and at Toonami Absolution Session. It’s the latter how I found out about you guys since someone linked your latest Absolution session onto Twitter, and the points everyone made about TV and Turner’s actions reflected my line thought.

        I was going to add, but Turner is owned by Time Warner, and they have had some recent downward earnings revisions. I worked in this sector, so I have a little knowledge on what is going on with their stock, and with their recent downturn I get a sense they are putting pressure to their properties below them, hence why I feel like they are knee jerking like you guys said. Hopefully they won’t go to crazy and Adult Swim thinks only family guys is the only way forward.

  • ReaverofSouls

    Not gonna lie, you guys dumping all over Spawn kinda pissed me off a good deal. Yeah, I give a shit about Spawn, and I’d like it to be known. And while you’re acting like it wasn’t a big deal, the series won an Emmy, and deservedly so. It holds up incredibly well, better than the early issues of the comics (which, due to the litany of lawsuits McFarlane incurred over the years, have been effectively stricken from continuity by and large). Please consider this the next time you declare “nobody cares about such-and-such”. I might be the only person in the world who thinks so, but Todd McFarlane’s Spawn is the greatest comic book adaptation in any medium, period.

    • Kamina

      Clearly none of them knew much if anything about that Spawn cartoon though you must be a super fan if you say it’s the greatest comic book adaptation in any medium, period. I mean come on man. If not for Batman: TAS would there even be a Spawn: TAS? Props to that show for presenting Spawn properly though.

      • ReaverofSouls

        Like I said, I’m probably the only person in the world who thinks that. Personal bias plays a big part in it, I won’t lie. It’s just, to me, everything about the way they adapted the characters to the screen was absolutely perfect, especially when it came to voice acting. The performance of Keith David is absolutely amazing, and just fits Spawn so well that literally anyone else voicing him just seems flat out wrong. I feel that the show perfectly captures the tone of the comics and realizes it in a way that I believe has never been achieved by any other comic book adaptation. So in short, yes, I am a super fan.