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Toonami Faithful Podcast #130 – Back to the Future

We’re back with an extra lengthy episode covering numerous topics and Don East has returned to keep us on our toes.

First up, the InuYasha recap is back and we read your commentary for that and the other programming on Toonami this week.

In the news, we share our thoughts on recent developments involving the live-action Ghost in the Shell movie.

Then it’s time for our 2015 predictions for the Toonami block where we debate which shows could join Toonami in 2015 and speculate the finer details for Intruder II.

Lastly, we begin a new segment in which we discuss Toonami one or two years at a time. We’re starting at the beginning with 1997 and 1998.

Happy New Year and thanks for listening.

0:00 – Intro
6:17 – InuYasha: The Final Act Recap
17:28 – This Week on Toonami
33:00 – Toonami News
52:55 – 2015 Predictions
1:46:43 – Toonami Retrospective 1997 and 1998
2:17:52 – Sign-Off

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Your hosts this week are Sketch (Editor-In-Chief of, Paul Pescrillo (Founder of, Jim Nelson (Announcer of the podcast) and Darrell Maddox (Self-Proclaimed Head of the HR for

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