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Toonami Showdown 3/18/17 – One Piece Send-Off

It’s a long one this week as we give One Piece its final send-off, say some unkind things about Naruto Shippuden, talk about whitewashing in anime adaptations, do Green Goblin impressions from that first Spider-Man movie, imagine Frieza as a Z fighter, apply Jojo accents to Sword Art Online, and make valuable contributions to the mafia community. Read More »

Toonami Showdown 3/4/17 – Artificial Island of Odaiba!?

We’ve got more dad jokes than you can possibly imagine this week, plus discussions about morning sickness, the value of dinner, The Noid, screaming “NEEEERD!” at people, and which Toonami characters smell the worst. And just remember: we love you no matter what pizza toppings you prefer. Music: Black Hole Megamix Read More »