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Toonami Faithful Podcast #221 – TOM Should Never Go Outside or… The Trouble with Titles or… Everyone Enjoys a Can of Diet Ghibli Every Once in a While or… Home Improvement Too


Syon of the Toonami Show Rundown joins Sketch and Darrell as we discuss the first segment of Intruder 3, Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 20, the animated feature Children Who Chase Lost Voices and the rest of the Toonami broadcast on November 5th 2017. Lastly, we get caught up on some Toonami related news. Apologies for the extra noises in this ... Read More »

Toonami Faithful Podcast #211 – Underclass Hero


Sketch, Paul, Darrell and Colt catch up on some recent news for Bleach, Sword Art Online and the Toonami stream before discussing whether or not Toonami should go back to starting at Midnight. Before that it’s the usual One-Punch Man and Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans recaps. Before we sign-off, our convention guy Patrick is on the show to tell you about ... Read More »

Toonami Faithful Podcast #194 – You May as Well Die with a Boner


Data Monkey Colt Buhr joins Sketch, Paul, Darrell and Jenn to discuss Toonami’s latest show announcement as well as the most recent week’s programming. There’s more than a few debates and tangents. Music Credits: “Africa” as performed by Toto “Let Me Hear” as performed by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas “I Am” from the Parasyte Soundtrack “Just Awake” as ... Read More »