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Toonami Faithful Podcast #244 – Everybody Loves Somebody


Sketch, Paul, Colt and Caboose discuss the Toonami broadcast of May 6th 2017 including a controversial Samurai Jack and the latest episode of Attack on Titan. We spend so much time on those two shows alone that Paul begs Sketch not to read all the #ToonamiTalkbacks but he does it anyway. Then there’s just a bit of news to discuss ... Read More »

Toonami Showdown 5/13/17 – In Which We Do Not Discuss Lupin III

This week, we do not, in fact, discuss that Lupin III news because we recorded this the day before and we’re sorry okay. But we do make timely cartoon references, crack impenetrable wrestling jokes, discuss what happened IN THE MANGA, fight over our Samurai Jack ships, and envy that one guy’s food Gundam. Also, the inherent racism of marketing and ... Read More »

Toonami Showdown 5/6/17 – Jacked Up

This week, we sink ships, create the 90s rap cinematic universe, wonder about Family Guy fans, go in-depth about Oreo and Kit-Kat flavors, realize that the Phantom Troupe is actually just the Straw Hat Pirates, avoid dangerous loogies, and examine the career of Jon Bernthal. Read More »