Episode 326 – The Ghosts of Bat-Past and Bat-Future

Sketch, Paul and Duelist discuss the Batman animated films Batman: Year One and The Dark Knight Returns Part 1. Music Credits:- Batman Theme by Danny Elfman- 1966 Batman Theme by...

Episode 325 – The Dark Knight Returns – Featuring an Interview with Adam Gettis

Sketch, Paul and Kuro talk about the animated Batman films that will be airing on Toonami on August 15th and 22nd. They also briefly discuss the upcoming InuYasha spin-off,...

Episode 324 – The Golden Experience

Sketch, CJ and VLord and joined by LaserKid from the Demon Slayer Podcast to share our thoughts on the first 29 episodes of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind. Music Credits:"Fighting...

Episode 323 – Con Air

Sketch, Paul, Duelist and Caboose discuss Adult Swim Con's on-air Toonami event. They are also relieved to know that JoJo will be returning to the block this Saturday.

Episode 322 – An Idiot Sandwich with Lamb Sauce

Sketch, Paul, Darrell and CJ talk at length about Food Wars. Expect some opinions and food related tangents. Music Credits: ROUGH DIAMONDS (English Version) as performed by SCREEN mode