Episode 325 – The Dark Knight Returns – Featuring an Interview with Adam Gettis

Sketch, Paul and Kuro talk about the animated Batman films that will be airing on Toonami on August 15th and 22nd. They also briefly discuss the upcoming InuYasha spin-off,...

Episode 328 – Collective Paranoia

Sketch is joined by Kuro, Celia Rose and Alien to discuss Paranoia Agent. Music Credits:"Yume no Shima Shinen Kouen" as performed by Susumu Hirasawa"Papercut" as performed by Linkin Park"Shiroi Oka...

Episode 323 – Con Air

Sketch, Paul, Duelist and Caboose discuss Adult Swim Con's on-air Toonami event. They are also relieved to know that JoJo will be returning to the block this Saturday.

Gundam Wing Group Watch – Week 04 – This Rematch Keeps Getting Interrupted

Sketch is joined by Paul Pescrillo for the fouth week of Toonami Faithful's Gundam Wing Group Watch. They discuss episodes 12-16. Music Credits:"Just Communication" - Two-Mix"Mission Accomplished" - Kou Otani

Exclusive 39 – Jay Hickman Interview

Paul Pescrillo and CJ Maffris seat down with Jay Hickman, the voice of Joichiro Yukihira on Food Wars to talk about his character on the show and the other...