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Toonami Faithful Podcast #6 – Yeah, we’re late. Sorry.

Darrell and Daniel join us this week as Jose is in the crankiest mood ever. Seriously, it gets bad. Also, come by AFO 2012 this weekend to try and cheer him up. We talk about ratings, Twitter Wars and a big surprise regarding upcoming content.

  • Travis Morton

    Cool podcast.

  • Jessica-Lynn G.

    I always watch Toonami. One time I forgot to watch it and it was 2:47 am and I stayed up until it showed again at 3am just so I wouldn’t mess it! I love Toonami!

  • Rt Lockwood

    Good show! Jose this is what the show translated to for me about you “I DON’T HATE CASSHERN SINS!…[yet]” and then, “*Demonic Voice* I HATE BLEACH!!!!” hahahahaha.

    I always watch Toonami but I don’t like Twitter…but last week IndieDianosaur over at the forums, while on the Toonami Faithful Chat -.- , got me to get a Twitter during Toonami and I sent some tweets with the #watchtoonami and #toonami and other hash-tags. But I agree with Jose about the twitter was and such.

    Last thing glad that the podcast was not an hour and a half long, sorry but that’s a long listen.
    And another late listen I always listen to these podcasts on Saturday because of school and work…