Toonami Faithful Podcast 56 – Sword Art Offline


This week we explore attempt to talk about Sword Art Online. It proves to be more difficult because apparently (subconsciously) we’d rather talk about something else, like the new OLED TV’s that just came out today. LG has finally provided the first OLED that come out today and it has a curve to it. This particular TV technology has been one I’ve been really excited about and I think it easily provides the best image quality compared to LCD and plasma. I’d kill to see Redline on Blu-ray on one of these new sets. Which you should own by now, Redline is amazing! That Blu-ray is basically the standard I judge almost all others by, Manga did a great job. It’s like $10 on Amazon, right now. And while you’re on Amazon, there are plenty of great deals on titles going on so you should shop around…what the hell is the show about this week?

Your hosts this week are Jose Argumedo (Editor and Technical Director of the podcast), Darrell Maddox (Yeah, he’s back. I don’t know why either), Jim Nelson (Announcer on the podcast) , and Steve Yurko (Co-host of One Piece Podcast and artist).
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