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Toonami Faithful Podcast #148 – The Ever-Changing Episode Title – Featuring Chris Sabo

Chris Sabo joins us this week to discuss our favorite underrated Toonami series along with the usual episode recaps, news and ratings. Tangents spring up constantly, Chris sparks a discussion of Sword Art Online as a whole and the crew can’t seem to stop mentioning the host who isn’t on the podcast this episode. Also, despite having someone named Sabo on this week we hardly even mention One Piece, go figure.

Your hosts this week include Paul Pescrillo, Darrell Maddox, Jim Nelson and Jenn.

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  • LordTerminal

    It’s not so much inconsistent as it is A-1 Pictures are retarded and don’t think to tell you this shit because the novels explain it better.

    Also I never get how people call Fairy’s Dance complete trash simply because of Asuna and Oberon (and before anyone starts, those moments almost killed it for me too) but never stop and discuss how cool the world and the game mechanics and the core concept of ALO are. And if they don’t think that then they’re either narrow minded and think fairies should only be girly things and something that shouldn’t be subverted to be depicted in a more badass light or……I don’t know.

    I will gladly jump on the “SAO sucks” bandwagon when someone takes Alfheim Online and makes it good. The closest I’ve seen anyone attempt something even remotely close to that is this SAO fanfic:

  • starss

    No Soul Eater, as usual. ๐Ÿ™

    Soul Eater is like the Eeyore of Toonami’s “Winnie The Pooh cast”. “And I’m here too. Not that anyone cares.”