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Toonami Faithful Podcast #139 – Zach is Back, We Must Be Talking About One Piece

Zach Logan and Caboose join Jim and Sketch to discuss the recent week of Toonami, Toonami Pre-Flight and Adult Swim’s recent decision to air One Piece encores at 8:30PM on Saturday nights next to Dragon Ball Z Kai.

Jim is at the helm this week and it has been ages since Zach was on an episode so you’re in for a treat.

00:00 – Intro
01:50 – KILL la KILL Recap
18:48 – InuYasha: The Final Act
30:00 – This Week in Toonami
48:37 – Toonami News
1:10:48 – Listerner Mail / Sign-Off

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions of the participants of this podcast are not the views of ToonamiFaithful.Com or it’s affiliates, nor are they the views of Toonami, [adult swim], Williams Street, Turner or any other Time Warner property.

Your hosts this week are Jim Nelson (Announcer of the podcast and jack of all trades) and Sketch (Editor-In-Chief of

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  • LordTerminal

    It’s not just the voice cast and the overall craziness that make me compare Kill La Kill to Skullgirls. The artstyle does it too.

    Alex Ahad is really good at mixing that Gainax or Trigger-esque animation and artstyle with a hint of western art in his work. And I’m not just talking Skullgirls either. His DA page also has a lot of that influence as well.

    Makes me pissed off that this guy’s work isn’t as successful as it should be.

  • pattywagon

    I do find it interesting how One Piece is now being experimented at 8:30 pm after DBZ. I wonder if they are flirting with showing anime earlier again, which we haven’t seen in years since the original disbanding of Toonami. Or maybe it’s a long term strategy of building anime’s fan base beyond the current, and older fan base that tunes into Toonami.

    We grew up with Toonami as a kid, but what about the next generation? Maybe kids in middle and high school right now have no idea what Toonami is, or barely do compared to the Millennials who grew up in the late 90s and early 2000s. I hope this experiment works which might lead to a Toonami expansion, or even a Toonami spur allowing new and younger fans to get into anime which can be a successful long term strategy of continuing to build support for the brand.