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Toonami Faithful Podcast #134 – Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Colt and Jenn join us to discuss the recent changes to Toonami. We vent our frustations and have a call to arms to keep Toonami on the air.

Then we’re on to the recap of a pinacle episode of InuYasha and a brief news report for ratings and trending where we laugh at how poorly King of the Hill did direclty after Toonami on the week of the abrupt schedule change.

Finally, Steve Yurko returns to the show to discuss Toonami’s move to Saturday prime time in 2004. Darrell and Duelist show up in the segment as well as we reminise about a year of big changes, give props to Justice League for using John Stewart for Green Lantern, discuss the fall of Gundam on US television, extrapolate the finer points of Teen Titans and The Jackie Chan Adventures, lament how badly Astroboy got screwed, come to terms with how underwelming Rave Master really was and collectively gush about Megas XLR.

00:00 – Intro / Discussion of Recent Changes to Toonami
50:00 – InuYasha: The Final Act Recap / #ToonamiTalkback
1:06:00 – Toonami News
1:10:56 – Toonami Retrospective for 2004
2:22:23 – Listerner Mail / Sign-Off

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Your hosts this week are Sketch (Editor-In-Chief of, Paul Pescrillo (Founder of, Jim Nelson (Announcer of the podcast) and Darrell Maddox (Self-Proclaimed Head of the HR for

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  • Jmb

    Guys I had made and posted a Guide to Trending on the forums few months back

    • Sketch

      Thanks for that.

      • Jmb

        No problem you’re welcome.

  • pattywagon

    I agree about how premiers will be beneficial to the block over rerunning old shows that have aired before on Toonami. That said, I think older shows that haven’t aired on Toonami, but have aired on other networks or are a good 5-7 years old may not work for most shows.

    Obviously they are budget issues, but I think getting dubs before they are released, or are in the process of being released will be work well because AOT did really well when it premiered on Toonami. I really hope Aniplex hauls ass and gets SAO 2 done in a reasonable time and airs on Toonami before it comes out on blu-ray.