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Toonami Faithful Podcast #119 – Moe or Moe – Featuring @TheRealDonEast

Don East joins us as we count down the final episodes of Attack on Titan and Bleach and reach the hallway point for Hellsing Ultimate. We end up mentioning The Simpsons so much you’d swear this was the One Piece Podcast at!

During Attack on Titan the female titan’s identity is finally revealed and we get to see a few of young Military Police officers including one we refer to as “the guy who looks like Moe”. Meanwhile on Hellsing Ultimate, Millenium begins their massive assault on London and we determine nothing is more cartoonishy evil than eating a baby. Before that we let Paul and Don East recap some Bleach, cause why not?

Finally, we speculate what movies may air in December. The usual suspects come up and we beg Toonami not to play Bio Broly. Don’t care, Battle of Gods and Akira for every Christmas!

00:00 – Intro
08:26 – Attack on Titan recap
30:04 – Toonami News
53:37 – Bleach recap
1:00:26 – Hellsing Ultimate recap
1:09:31 – Movie Month Speculation
1:29:58 – Sign-Off

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  • Yebbiman

    I feel some of the criticism with what’s now last week’s Bleach episode is a bit unfair. First off, the idea that they’re rushing the plot in terms of the fights because of how the anime was ending at the time is kind of ignoring the fact that the soul reapers had developed in at least SOME aspects over the past 17 months and that most of the Xcution members aren’t totally trained fighters. Renji and Kenpachi clearly outmatched Jackie and Giriko, Toshiro outsmarted Yukio, and Ikkaku out-lucked Shishigawa. With Ikkaku’s fight in particular, although how the fight itself turned out was part of a running gag that Ikkaku is a lucky bastard (remember, that lucky dance he does was how he was first introduced in the show), I felt it was appropriate regardless.

    Really in retrospect, all of these fights against Xcution are just warm-ups for the big finale arc where everyone would need to put their A-game. On another note, regarding the episode with the kite-flying battle and Rukia preparing for her dance performance, that episode first aired in Japan on January 10th, 2012 to celebrate New Years. We just happened to have that episode air August on Adult Swim. And Bleach is not the only show that does random episodes for a special holiday Japan celebrates. Expect two One Piece episodes to air on Toonami in a few months where all the characters are in an alternate Feudal Japan as a celebration of New Years since these two episodes first aired between New Years in 2007.

    And expect ANOTHER episode a couple of months after THAT where the characters are in alternate Feudal Japan again to celebrate the Cherry Blossoms blooming during Spring. Fairy Tail also did an episode like this to celebrate the beginning of Spring in Japan.