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Toonami Showdown 4/1/17 – Mulan McNugget Sauce

Things are back to normal this week as we fanboy over Rick and Morty, speculate about Attack on Titan season 2, argue about Sasuke, determine who’s the Northeast Kai, scream about Gundam’s fat faces, appreciate well-crafted sandwiches, and go on a tangent about old sports video games. Read More »

Toonami Faithful Podcast #176 – We Have Met the Enemy

The identify of the Intruder is revealed and there’s a lot to talk about concerning exactly who it is. Then we get to enjoy some quality time with Esdeath in this week’s Akame ga Kill and Shinichi and Migi meet a new friend in this week’s Parasyte – the maxim. Lastly, we discuss what show could potentially replace Michiko & ... Read More »

Toonami Faithful Podcast #175 – TOM’s Not Down with Any Visitors Who Don’t Call First or… Kill the Nuances or… Morally Conflicted Spider-Man


Duelist joins us to discuss the latest episodes of Intruder 2, Akame ga Kill and Parasyte along with the recent news regarding Toonami Asia airing Dragon Ball Super. Apologies for Sketch’s audio in this episode. Something went awry in the recording process. Your hosts this week are Sketch, Paul, Darrell and our returning guest Duelist. Music Credits: Intruder Promo Music ... Read More »