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Episode 334 – Second Verse, Not the Same as the First

Sketch, Paul and VLord check in on Sword Art Online and finally discuss the second season of One-Punch Man. After that, Paul swaps out for Caboose as we recap...

Episode 333 – Half-Demon Hoedown

Sketch, Paul, Kuro and VLord discuss the various half-demons (and whole demons) that have appeared on Toonami. https://soundcloud.com/toonamifaithfulpodcast/episode-333-half-demon-hoedown

Episode 332 – Playing Gods, Can Only Do So Much – Featuring Maxime Simonet

Sketch, VLord, Duelist and CabooseJr have a suporutsu barru talking with Maxime Simonet about his multi-part epic: Gemusetto: Machu Picchu and the upcoming sequel Gemusetto: Death Beat(s).

Episode 330 – Many Tangenturos Later…

Sketch, Paul, VLord and Kuro talk about the second half of Demon Slayer. Before that they run down some Toonami show related news. Music Credits:"Gurenge" as performed by LiSA

Episode 329 – Only One of Us is Familiar with Shenmue and it Shows

Sketch is joined by Colt and LaserKid to discuss Toonami's recently announced Shenmue animated series. https://soundcloud.com/toonamifaithfulpodcast/episode-329-only-one-of-us-is-familiar-with-shenmue-and-it-shows