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Toonami Showdown 6/30/18 – Pop Team Epic Premiere


We discuss the premiere of Bob Epic Team, light incest, bullying Trunks, Ddrunk Man 28A, whether circles are cute, where men buy underwear, horny music videos, shushing people, when the Internet was good, things that are big, getting your Dragon Ball out in public, HFIL, and the announcement of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable…sorta. Read More »

Toonami Showdown 6/9/18 – Uncle


We discuss relating to the youth, Great Saiyanames, whether being warm makes you upset, when you actually need a diagram, our concerns about Hidomi’s character development, vacuum cleaner noises, donations to a good cause, headcanon, Osmosis Jones, and Far Cry 5. Read More »